Utilizing Pallet Displays In Your Retail Store? How To Reduce The Risk For Accidents And Injuries

Utilizing Pallet Displays In Your Retail Store? How To Reduce The Risk For Accidents And Injuries

27 January 2020
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If your retail stores utilizes pallet displays, take care to avoid accidents and injuries. You may require your employees to practice proper safety procedures to protect themselves from on-the-job injuries. However, you may not realize that you also need to take steps to protect your customers from accidents and injuries as well. Here are four steps you can take to ensure the safety of your retail pallet displays

Ensure Proper Load Distribution

When you utilize pallet displays, you need to ensure proper load distribution. Placing loads onto pallets that are either too tall or too heavy can pose serious safety hazards for your customers. Before you stack your pallets, check the weight of the load. You'll need to ensure that your pallets are designed to withstand the weight. Second, avoid stacking your display too high. Creating a display that's too high can lead to collapse. Finally, when setting up your pallet display, ensure that the weight is evenly distributed across the surface of the pallet. 

Avoid Using Damaged Pallets

If you're going to use pallet displays in your retail store, be sure to avoid the use of damaged pallets. Because the displays will be located in the customer area of the store, you want to avoid using pallets that are damaged. Cracks and other types of damage can undermine the structural integrity of the pallets, putting them at risk for collapse. If the pallet displays collapse while customers are around, significant injuries could result. Not only that but customers can receive cuts and scrapes from damaged pallets. Unfortunately, customer injuries increase your risk of lawsuits. Avoid that risk by always inspecting your pallets before you use them for in-store displays. 

Keep the Area Clean and Clear

If you're going to utilize pallet displays, you'll need to keep the area clean and clear. Merchandise displayed on pallets can come loose and fall to the floor. Unfortunately, those types of issues can increase the risk of slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. To avoid those types of accidents, the area around the pallet displays should be kept clean and clear at all times. 

Provide Routine Safety Inspections

Finally, when it comes to ensuring safe and secure pallet displays, be sure to provide routine inspections throughout the business day. Routine inspections will allow you to address minor issues before they become major problems for your store. During the inspections, be sure to check for problems with load distribution and for any new damage that may have developed on your pallets. Any problems should be addressed immediately.

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