Reasons Why You Need to Install Elderly Bathroom Safety Grab Bar

Reasons Why You Need to Install Elderly Bathroom Safety Grab Bar

9 August 2021
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The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for senior citizens. The corners and edges, hard surfaces, and slippery floor set a perfect stage for falls and accidents. Studies show that every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall, and most of these falls occur in the bathroom. However, you can make your lavatory safe for your aged parent by installing an elderly bathroom safety grab bar.

Old-Age and the Increased Risk of Falls

Most falls occur when elderly persons are moving in and out of the bathroom. Some of the issues that increase the risk of falls among the elderly include:

  • Increased body weakness that leads to balance and stability issues
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Use of some medicines that affect balance
  • Vision problems

If a senior citizen falls in the bathroom, there is a high chance that they will hit the floor, bathtub, sink, or toilet basin. The most common results of bathroom falls include:

  • Broken bones, such as the ankle, wrist, arm, and hip fractures
  • Head injuries
  • Increased fear of falling that makes the elderly avoid the bathroom

Benefits of Installing Elderly Bathroom Safety Grab Bar

Since most older adults rarely exercise, they may have weaker legs, which increases the risk of falling. Others have age-related diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis. More importantly, most seniors take drugs that can have adverse side effects, such as drowsiness and dizziness. Thus, they are more likely to fall in the bathroom.

However, you can enhance safety in the bathroom by installing grab bars. The elderly bathroom grab bar can be installed anywhere in the washroom to serve two main purposes:

  • To help the aged move around the bathroom with much ease
  • To provide extra support to an older adult when using the toilet

Here are the two main reasons why the elderly bathroom grab bar is highly recommended:

  • Safety- One can hold on to the grab bar when getting up from or sitting on a toilet. Also, it provides support when entering or exiting the bathroom.
  • Independence- Even when no one is at home, your aged parent can safely access the bathroom. In other words, they can take a shower or go to the toilet on their own without any additional assistance.


The bathroom can be a dangerous and scary place for people with mobility issues, especially the elderly, due to the risk of falls. However, you can make it safe by installing an elderly bathroom safety grab bar.

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