Helpful Tips For Buying Bodhran Drums For The First Time

Helpful Tips For Buying Bodhran Drums For The First Time

22 May 2020
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You might have an interest in Celtic music, or you might just be interested in music overall. You might have heard someone playing bodhran drums, or you might just think that they look cool. Whatever your motivation might be, now, you might be thinking about buying bodhran drums of your own. These tips can help first-timers who are new to bodhran drums but who want to purchase some of their own.

Decide if You're Looking for Traditional or Modern Bodhran Drums

Before you start looking for the right bodhran drums to take home, you will need to decide if you want to purchase traditional or modern bodhran drums. If you are buying them because you like the rich history behind them, or if you want to learn how to play traditional bodhran drums, then you may want to look into your traditional options. If you are looking for drums that might be easier to play or if you like the more modern look, then you should check out modern bodhran drums. There are good, beginner-friendly options from both categories, so it really is a personal preference.

Ask for Help

Unless you have already been taking lessons with bodhran drums, then it pays to ask someone for a little bit of help. For example, you can ask someone at a music store for advice, or you can talk to a music teacher about bodhran drums. Someone who has a little bit of experience with bodhran drums should be able to help you choose drums that will be easy for you to play as a beginner.

Consider Taking Lessons

If you aren't already taking bodhran drum lessons, you should consider signing up for them. There are resources online that you can use to learn a little more about bodhran drums, and it's true that this online information can help you learn a little bit and sharpen your skills as you progress. However, at least in the beginning, you will probably find that you have the most success when working with a teacher. Make sure that you bring your own bodhran drums along with you for your lessons instead of using drums that the teacher already has, since drums vary, and you will probably want to know how to use your own drums.

Buying bodhran drums can be a lot of fun, particularly if you have an interest in Celtic music. Try the tips above when buying your first bodhran drums so that you can have a great experience.

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