Tips To Safely Keep Your Property Free Of Snow And Ice

Tips To Safely Keep Your Property Free Of Snow And Ice

30 March 2020
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The spring season may be here according to the calendar, but many areas of North America and other parts of the world are still experiencing winter weather. Although warm weather is just over the horizon, it is a good idea to check your winter snow management to make sure you remain safe and keep your property free of snow and ice. Here are some tips to help you do this.

Follow Safety Protocol

When a snowfall hits your area, it might be tempting to get outside and shovel the snow off your driveway and walkways. However, just like an exercise program, you don't want to rush into the activity and risk injury or worse. It is a good idea to warm up before you begin shoveling snow, as many people overexert themselves and pull a muscle or cause heart strain that can lead to a heart attack. Take a few minutes to stretch and warm your muscles up. The cold air outside puts extra pressure on your blood vessels to pump adequate oxygen through your body, so warming them up first will help.

Also be sure you dress appropriately in layers that you can remove individually when you get too warm. Also be sure to wear warm socks and boots with good traction so you don't slip. Waterproof gloves or mittens are important for keeping your hands warm, and a hat will prevent heat loss from your head when the temperature is very low.

Use the Right Snow Removal Products

It is a good idea to have the right tools to do your snow removal job, which includes a snow shovel. The snow shovel you use should be long enough that you don't have to bend over when you grip the handle. And try to use a lightweight shovel that you can easily push forward in the snow to collect it in piles. 

Snowmelt chemicals are recommended to sprinkle over your wet pavement to prevent ice formation when the temperature falls. Just be sure you get an appropriate chemical that is safe around pets and vegetation in your yard. You can also opt for sand or kitty litter to improve traction. 

Hire Removal Service

When you are not able to complete your own snow removal, you can hire a snow removal service to handle this for you. This is a good option when the snow is deep or especially heavy, as it can be in the spring months when the snow has a higher moisture content. Your snow removal team can clear your walkways and driveways and also handle your roof safely to keep your roof free of added weight and help reduce the occurrence of ice dams.

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