Benefits Of Replacing The Oil In Your Truck With Synthetic Oil

Benefits Of Replacing The Oil In Your Truck With Synthetic Oil

30 March 2020
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The motor oil in your diesel engine helps to lubricate the moving parts inside, absorb heat and reduce friction. Over time, the oil will break down and need replacing, but considering an upgrade to synthetic oil may offer you some benefits that you may want to consider.

Longer Oil Change Intervals

Oil changes are an important part of keeping your truck running efficiently, but changing the oil every three to four thousand miles can take a lot to time out of your schedule, especially if you put on a lot of miles. Extending the time between oil changes can be a huge benefit for some people and switching to synthetic oil may help. 

Most synthetic oils can stay in the engine longer because the oil is better suited to stand up to the heat inside the engine. Additives and changes in the chemistry of the oil make it a better lubricant as well, but synthetic oil does cost a bit more than standard motor oil. 

Sometimes you can find a better price for the synthetic oil if you buy it in larger quantities, but storing it can sometimes be problematic if you do not have a garage to store it in. It is also only practical if you do your own oil changes on your diesel truck.  

Less Thermal Breakdown

One benefit that synthetic oil can offer is an added ability to absorb heat inside the engine without the rapid thermal breakdown of the oil. Because the oil is engineered to absorb heat better, it can reduce the running temperature of your engine a few degrees, and while that may not seem like a lot, it can make a big difference over time. 

The cooler the engine runs, the less damage there is to bearings and moving parts within the engine itself. Often you can't see the parts to inspect them, but when you change your oil, you may notice fewer metal particles in the oil than when the engine had standard motor oil in the crankcase.

The reduction in metal is a result of better lubrication and can extend the life of the oil filter as well as extending the time between oil changes to as much as seven or eight thousand miles.

Talk to the tech that services your truck about your options and if synthetic oil is a good idea for your truck. The tech can help you pick the right synthetic oil and filter for your situation, like a max duty synthetic diesel oil, and install them for you. 

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