Why Your Hotel Should Offer Custom Bottled Water

Why Your Hotel Should Offer Custom Bottled Water

5 January 2020
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A hotel is a haven for tired travelers on the road a home away from home. When you think about it, a hotel is one of the primary investments that people make on a trip of any length, and guests are often delighted by the little things that a hotel does to meet their needs. Here are some key reasons why offering custom label bottled water can be a wise choice for your hotel and brand:

Custom Labels Can Foster Feelings of Trust

It can be less expensive to have a custom label water bottle for guests than to use pricier brands. That pales in comparison to the way that you can foster feelings of trust and brand loyalty by offering the water bottles to guests. If they trust your brand to be one associated with top hospitality and luxury, they may especially prize water with your label on it.

Exceeding Expectations Can Create Magical Moments

Many hotels offer bottled water only at restaurants or as part of pricey honor bars. Guests may expect to pay as much as $10 or so for a large bottle of water. Offering custom labeled bottle water free of charge can thrill guests on a budget.

If you provide complementary custom label bottled water to guests as they arrive, you are offering them a comfort that many travelers will immediately appreciate. Travelers aren't allowed to bring bottled water through TSA security lines, and bottled water at the airport can be so expensive that many travelers may wait to get any until they arrive.

If the guests have expected that they will need to wait to buy water or pay for water from a restaurant, they will likely be delighted by the offering of bottled water upon check-in. Even if they aren't thirsty at the moment, they will appreciate the thoughtful gesture and be happy to know they'll have refreshment later when they need it.

Custom Label Bottled Water is An Instant Souvenir

Guests who are looking for something with your hotel logo on it will be delighted at the custom label. They may be excited to bring the bottled water home if they are driving or checking baggage, Having this custom label bottled water can feel like a symbol of status, and it's something that will remind your guests of your thoughtfulness after they go home.

Leave a Positive Impression on Event Attendees

When people attend conferences and special events at your hotel, offer the custom label bottles of water to attendees. This extra touch can communicate a lot about the level of hospitality and care your hotel offers.

Finally, serving custom labeled bottled water for your guests is likely to create a positive memory that they will likely associate with your brand. This minimal investment in your company is one that is both practical and on brand with the service industry. You may even see this service mentioned in positive reviews as customers may feel wowed by the nice touch.

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